We wonder about Macross F knowing them through English Subtitles.Wonder they are a colony universe of Macross.What did they do during the Invid Invasion.As Gloire of Southern Cross they are a colony and are into wars with the RDF enemies.They of course battle the Zentraedi and are they ships that left from earth's universe during the Zentraedi holocaust and made colonies.Cut Scenes in Macross don't explain for all ships.Because we have Macross F.They though are as advanced as gundams and gundams were remakes from 80's.Their fighters are extremely advanced.What would Macross F do if they had an RDF pilots and characters.With their own RDF characters and to focus on a fully complimented warship as SDF-1 which another SDF-1 Macross is shown in Macross F.The RDF is at war with the Haydonites.Haydonites dealed with REF and they received and built nuclear weapons.Elite pilots and troop like.Not soft and kid like.Manly.Innovative fighting characters.Veritechs past but they need to be in full service like in Macross and in combat like by Roy Fokker.This would be a target for making into North American.Change the things North Americans would ubject to like soft characters.Make a storyline with a structure to each technology.The Invid are warfaring race of aliens.There are the black Invid of 3rd Invid War.

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